Open to work: Creative Director, Head of Design and Design Manager roles.


Hey, designers!

Do you think I would let you go off that easy? Well, I have one last thing.

How’s everything? If I have to guess, I’m guessing it’s all good.

There’s this different feeling when you see the team grow for 10 years. How do I get to know people worth knowing and extraordinary at the same time? The only reason I can think of is that I have been so lucky all this while. This is not goodbye, instead, this is my queue to move on and here’s one final thing for you all.

This might take a while, so continue when you have the time. It’ll be here, don’t worry. Take care!

My farewell speech
I hate farewells because of all the flashbacks I’ll have. I never thought I’d be handing over my work here so soon but knowing that I’d leave a capable team as my legacy, I felt calmer and in peace.

It still feels weird. Somehow it felt like, I’m guessing when your kids have grown up and it’s time to let them go. It felt like both sides needed this freedom. Of course, from time to time you will miss them, I mean, I will miss you guys, but we have to do what we have to do. That’s how we grow for the better.

I hope this will open up more paths and opportunities for everyone.  

It’s been a pleasure working with each one of you. It’s good to feel needed, to feel important and also to feel proud of this team. Do not think for a second that I am not proud of this team. I’ve watched the team grow. I watched each and every single one of you grow, since day one.

I know what you’re capable of. You are capable of many things, even failure but that doesn’t make you any less of a good person. Focus on things that make you a better person. Failed and be better until you are the best version of yourself! 

I thought I could teach you a lot from my experiences but actually, I am the one who learnt a lot from you guys. Some things have to end for better things to begin.

For everyone, know your worth in your work and in life. I tried to be the best leader and an awesome boss you guys ever had and I hope I did my best. Even the outcome is not what we hoped for sometimes but know that I always got your back. I want to apologize if I ever salah cakap, tak cakap, ter-marah, ter-buat korang sakit hati, but hopefully what’s past is past. Let’s forgive and forget. I feel loved and I love you guys. 

I hope I leave a good impact on your lives and I know it’s kinda hard but please keep in touch. We will always be friends after all. Whether you realized it or not we’re like in this big Hollywood car movie. Whoever joins in will be like a family to each other. And family sticks together until the end. For me, after 16 years of our members come and go, it’s my turn to leave for a new franchise to be made. 

I hope I leave this place with the best version of myself and that I can be. Even though I’ll be gone, but my legacy is here. I hope we will cross paths and work together again in future.

I cannot say this enough, I maybe bias but you guys are the best design team I have ever worked with. You guys are helpful, best teamwork, caring, can rely on each other, kelakar, dengar cakap, dan paling best semua kat sini has an open heart to received advice, gratitude, appreciation, and hopefully no hard feelings. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, korang! 

To Hanim
I am passing the torch to you. You will be great at this don’t worry! It will be a rough ride but you will get the hang of it soon. Remember the things I’ve taught you, it might not be perfect so guide the team in your own way.

I am truly humbled and honoured to see someone jadi my shadow. Somehow you boleh tahu that I need someone to trust. To be honest, I cannot do this job myself. I was once someone’s shadow – a few of them. I tengok cara diaorang guide people, manage and help them.

Benda yang I rasa betul, I akan ikut. Benda yang I tak setuju, I’ll discuss. Hanim memang macam tu jugak. I appreciate your motherly attitude yang risau pasal team, risau tengok kitaorg kalau pelik-pelik.

Always have time for discussion and advice. I know you know lady boss selalu banyak ikut perasaan and I know you selalu ingat. That’s what makes you different. Walaupun u have your own doubt tapi entah macam mana you can ignore and buat jer kalau benda tu u rasa betul.

Hanim selalu risau orang cakap yang I selalu je approve semua project yang dia nak buat, tapi orang tak nampak her struggle untuk dapat approval tu. Bukan sekali terus approve, berbulan plan, revised, improved sampai sekarang dia sendiri dah tahu apa yang OK and how to make it so good and terus dapat approval.

Semua noise dari luar tu are just noises untuk dia and dia buat bukan untuk orang lain but for her own improvement. That’s how she grow and be the mader that you all know. Growing up you will realise, most of the negative things are only in your head. You think people are talking about you, and of course they do! But most of the time they don’t even have time to think about anything else other than their own selves.

I know Hanim will handle the team better than I did. Give her chance and trust her sebab whatever we do and decide for the team is usually ada good reasons.

When you told me that you don’t want to do design, I rasa macam rugi sangat because I for one can see that you have that talent and passion. So, if can, please keep your design DNA even when you decided to move on to other boring (hehe) industry. You might surprise yourself!

Finally, I am glad to have taught you a valuable lesson in life – not to judge people by their SpongeBob t-shirt and shorts!

To Rosalind
If I can be honest, in my opinion it looks like you think too much. Please take care of yourself and try not to worry. Everything is going to be ok and I will pray for your health and everyone else’s too. Thank you for sharing your life happenings with me.

You are now paling lama in this team and you have experienced a lot and know a lot. Make that to your advantage. Let people know you in the company. Show that you can do more, make it obvious.

If you think you don’t have support, find one. It’s obvious that you have all the support you need. Look around and you can actually see that you don’t need to look too far!

You are the kindest person I know, you wanted to make people happy and feel appreciated. Personally, I felt that. Although you have your own way of showing that you care and sometimes I’m not sure you stress ke or tak because you always seemed too calm.

You are the glue that’s keeping the seniors together and that’s the reason the team are together. You try to fill up any gaps that were left out and the fact that you saw the gaps is how I know you cared.

I’ve always admired when you helped and organise birthday celebrations during pkp. Even when people told me you texted them asking how they were sometimes, sejuk hati I.

I wish you the best and good health in whatever you do. I’m going to miss our talk and I hope I have done good guiding you here. Don’t be a stranger!

To Lut
What can I say? Just keep on doing what you’re doing. Try to read people, know people. Don’t be afraid to share sometimes, of course with the ones you trust.

When you started to join the team, I’ve always felt that there’s a bit of a barrier that you put between you and everyone else and aku ingatkan sebab its an influencer thing! Cam kena berlagak sket, sombong2 sket. Template la tu kan? Tapi lama2 I realize and I totally understand that you need time to trust people.

Now, I think I’ve got to know you better since you’ve shared with us a few random stories. Through your stories, I get that you have trust issues especially when you meet new people. Different people, different kinds of experiences that we went thru kan?

Ramai orang inspired by you and looks up to you, especially in design, obviously. I was 100% a digital person before, but I learned a lot about traditional design from you and kau tak kedekut ilmu. Not even the slightest!

Banyak jugak kita buat experiments lepas ko join. Motion design is the best. Sampai aku sendiri takut how capable team kita boleh produce. Tak pernah aku rasa macam team ni jadi over qualified sblm ko join. It’s a good thing nevertheless but in this company keep it under control but still, keep on reinventing!

Aku doakan kau jadi lagi famous dari sekarang tapi still stay humble and remember your roots and how you got there. You have my support janggutbear!

To Ben
I never thought we’d hire this good of a designer after the Chinese one we had resigned and he was a good one. If I may say so, you are an upgrade for what I thought we would never get.

Never in my life I expect someone in this team to be as close to me as Ben. Cina pulak tu! Probably we had similar up bringing that makes us close and relatable, or probably because it’s just fate. I know you always make jokes as your defence mechanism because I am like that too. Similar childhood trauma kot. 

I am honoured to know you, work with you and collaborate with you. I will always remember the time when I ask you to handle Melody, and you said “Don’t worry, I’ll make you proud.” and fucking hell you did! That was the first time Jane whatsapp me to thank me for a wonderful design that you did and I didn’t know who she was.

I know you know that I’ve tried my best, but I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfil the career path that we planned when I was around. I hope I am creating the way which is the final move from me and I know there will be a better one created for you. It’s one of the reasons I took VSS. One of a hundred reasons lah, so not too special pun! Jangan over.

Cheer up Ben. Life is good, try to find its worth. Anything is possible for your future even though it keeps on changing and feels like you need to chase it. You are the best and I know you know it. Keep the dream alive, your turn will be soon. Keep believing. Please guide and help out budak2 ni. I’m sure they look up to you! 

Thank you for the long farewell message that you sent in WhatsApp. I know there are a lot of things that you wanted to say but couldn’t, just because there were so many things that happened and so many memories we had. I am glad that you made the decision to join the team 8+ years ago. All the Pokemons that we caught, Taiwan trip, mamak sessions and even jamming sessions! Of all the people I met, I see my younger self in you. Not exactly the same but similar, and the biggest difference for us is just luck.

We’ll see each other soon lah and looks like we won’t need to wait too long pun! Thank you for everything so far and for everything in the future.

So finally, ben dah officially boleh pakai #notmyboss.

To Izzah
Chase your dreams, jangan risau banyak. Fulfill your career target and don’t let go. You have so much potential and I know it hasn’t been the luckiest time in Astro, but I hope your time will come soon too.

Whatever you plan on doing in the future, I know you’ll be able to do it. I am glad that you stayed with us sampai hari last haritu. I’m grateful for your understandings and banyak je benda you sabar, Tuhan je lah yang tahu. I have always looked up to you for every special projects that I planned.

I apologise for not being capable enough for you to move up in your career here but congratulations for this too and I hope you’re happy with the results!

Macam you mentioned before, I kenal you since you belum kahwin and now look at you. I faham how you feel when you said you’re not ready to feel sad yet. I told everyone I tulis my farewell notes since I applied to vss haritu it’s not because I tak sabar nak gerak it’s only because I have too many things to say and I takut I lupa.

Dalam ramai2 ni I rasa I owe it to you lah sebab you understand what’s happening with the company and why this and that. Now I can let go of that burden dah and so will you. I just need to thank you for one last time for hanging on.

I appreciate the WhatsApp message that you left me on our last day. I will miss your intro every time we talked, “Hai Shuk!” with that cheerful tone of yours. You are already a great person and my contributions couldn’t justify any of your own success! It’s all you, Izzah. Yes, we didn’t get the chance to talk much near the end, if we compare it to the times before but please don’t apologize for it because I know I have been too busy and stressed out with work during that period of time. I felt that I would spoil others’ moods if I can’t settle my stress with work, so that’s my “wall”.

Thank you for all the well wishes and I also hope that you will excel in whatever you do! Congratulations too.

To Rara
To me, Rara lah yang paling banyak improvement dan perubahan. At first I thought you would be the hardest designer for me to understand, but Ricky proved me wrong.

I mean, bukan yang paling susah nak handle ke apa, tapi I just risau dia akan jadi designer yang paling susah nak bergaul and work with others pastu macam mana nak kerja dengan other teams? Especially when I heard her voice or didn’t hear her voice? As all of you can see this team exist because we all work as one unit.

I paling happy bila you felt comfortable with the team and can work well within our small team even though sometimes boleh nampak you tak comfortable but somehow we manage to overcome those moments. Having Izzah as your friend and colleague doesn’t hurt much does it?

You’re helpful in your own way. You have your ups and downs same like everyone els and that’s OK! I remember when you joined and you didn’t even know what amount to ask for your salary but now I know that you know your worth. Everyone has their value, you just have to know it yourself first and it will be obvious to others lepas tu. That’s the biggest lesson that I saw Rara learn since she joined.

“Mana ada orang terer first time,” I almost forgot I told you that and I am glad that you remembered it. It sounds so small to be as a piece of advice but now I know it made a huge impact for you. You just have to know that you can do anything that you wanted and you must have the confidence and believe in yourselves because that is one of the things that you can control in life.

All the best for your future Rara, held your head up high because I saw how you improved day by day and I know for a fact that you will be so great! Believe it!

To Ricky
Being a father is hard and not very rewarding but that is not the reason why we do it. You have your complaints and I have mine. Life is not perfect and so do we. Everybody have their own problem but that’s what makes us even stronger and wiser.

Stay strong Ricky. I know your personal life banyak cabaran dan dugaan but I hope things will get better in your life and it will! You have taught me so much of how different people can be or how random our thoughts and thinking works. So, thank you Tan Sri!

On a serious note, I hope you remembered our one-to-one sessions and all the things that we talked about. Even our lunch sessions for all the serious chit-chat that we had with some totally random ones, ofcourse. Most importantly, we always talked about life and how to improve as we have some similarities on the things that happened in our lives. Please take good care of yourself because now that I am not there, I can’t back you up anymore. I am not sure why I am worried about an uncle, but I am worried about you lah.

Honestly, like I said before you are different than others but I know you meant no harm. I always appreciate your kindness, all the angpows, the Hari Raya hampers and all the surprise gifts that you sent. That’s what made you special and rare, that I bet no one else saw that side of you.

Talk about lunch, there’s always new places to try and you don’t mind to drive if we are not in a rush! I am going to miss that lunch trips. I know you will always onz for lunch anyway, so let’s go soon! Take care.

To Siaw Yee
Still no issue since day one. That’s how happy-go-lucky you are! You have that funny side that you only show when we talk in private especially during our KPI one-to-one session!

You are always fun to talk to actually but its hard to keep the topic running because of no topics. Haha! Its’s kinda hard not to see you as our little sister in the team since you join us. You always had you big sisters around even when Pohny and Zoey are not around anymore. It’s good that you still keep in touch with them too!

Your potential is huge. Remember the time we counter offered your Shopee contract? It’s the best fight I ever won and it’s super worth the effort. I hope you’re ready for your next challenge!

Now you have to find issue even when you don’t have issue, or otherwise they will find issues for you. Get ready for your next adventure in life! Show people that you are ready, that you can do anything that comes your way. If not, just pretend jer like how I did hahaha!

To Jojo
You surprised me since day one and I’m not even kidding. Yang paling down to earth dan yang paling ingat diri dia tak power. Dalam diam2 sebenarnya dia power giler ok!

I have always admired your illustrations. The way you draw your characters, everyone knows it’s your style. Yup, you have your own style yang I tak pernah nampak orang lain lukis. With that strokes yang sometimes clean sometimes menggigil tu. Also, look at those cute little fingers you draw. Ahh I kenot!

I pernah tanya you pakai brush apa sebab I nak try and recreate your strokes. Pastu you jawab, ni brush biasa jerrr. Dalam hati, kalau tak nak share bagitau je lah. I pakai brush biasa takde pun jadi camtu. hahaha. OK tak.

Ramai orang cakap dia garang tapi I tak pernah nampak pun maybe sebab I boss dia so dia tahan je sabar. Tapi lepas ni tak tau lah kan maybe I akan nampak kegarangan Jojo macam orang cakap tu. Ala takutnya..

The fact that you did your own podcast tu pun just blew my mind. It was your first year as permanent staff and you don’t need anything to prove but you still did it. I was seriously impressed and I rasa orang lain pun kagum. Keep that momentum in whatever you do and wherever you go! You power Jo, deal with it. Embrace it but don’t stop improving. Sorry I had to cut short of my promise to guide you in the company.

Thank you for being a friend, although I know you rasa awkward at first kan sebab nobody have ever befriended with their bosses even myself when I was in another company, but somehow we became friends yang boleh je lepak and have fun. It’s rare and it made my stay as a manager not too bad.

Someone told me, the path to success is a lonely one. The first time I heard it, it scares me because at first I thought it was true. Until I met you guys. Also, if you know me I hated mainstream so I refuse to be lonely when I am successful. I can’t thank you enough, so all I can say is see you soon!

To Izam
How far can you go with a good attitude? Izam shows that to us and more. It was an easy decision to bring you into the team and offered you this position. Maybe it’s just luck but it was 99.9% all you.

Your level of responsiblity in work is amazing! Susah nak jumpa new hire yang macam ni lah, I mean masuk2 je terus nampak obvious boleh perform budak ni. Maybe sekarang nampak macam banyak ujian dan dugaan, but trust me when I say everything happens for a good reason. Ko sabajap.

Thru my observation, this guy is always thinking about something. Even bila lepak2 kat JP ada je bahan2 kelakar, ada je idea bernas yang keluar dari dia. Ko memang hardworking tapi please some times you have to pause and take a breather. Maybe sekarang tak nampak tapi benda ni akan effect kat kesihatan kalau selalu sangat burn out.

Kau memang boleh pergi jauh with this kind of attitude but aku harap ko stay lama sikit la with the team sebab there’s so much you can do here. All the side projects, all the opportunities, all the new things that you can try and do will make you so much better to improve your skills!

Heck, bila ko try main dengan figma haritu pun aku impress gila. Kalau bukan sebab marketing banyak kerja dah banyak dah projects ko kena handle agaknya haha. The fact that you saw the need to research on your own and try a new design software out of your comfort zone makes you an extraordinary designer! Don’t change.

To Zoul
You know you have something deep inside. You just haven’t found it yet and maybe it’s not your time. When the time comes, you need to realize it. You have that talent, try and use it. Try and try and try again until you feel satisfied without giving up too early.

That one advice that I told you and you said benda paling kau ingat sampai sekarang. I want you to remember that. Again, you haven’t found what you really want. Keep searching. Keep trying. Try everything. Find anything. Try everything!

Be the person worth hiring for. The hardest thing in life is to maintain. Every single things in life is very hard to maintain. That’s why you don’t give up. To start is easy and to end is easier. You can go so high and to the lowest low and we’ve all seen it. Be aware on yourself all the time or try to be.

You have a supportive friends as your support system and looks like they’ve never ask for anything in return. Know that you are so lucky. Don’t always be disappointed because you can control how you are for future. You got this!

To Apap
Tolong share kepoweran kau kat yang lain2. To be honest, dalam diam2 Apap tunjuk apa yang dia capable of. Orang tak expect apa2 pun tapi dia ada expectation yang tinggi sangat kat diri sendiri and it shows.

Memang obvious sampai rasa macam designer lama yang banyak experience jaga ERA. We don’t have to worry about anything at all kalau dia yang handle. ERA tu dah jadi Apap FM kalau ikutkan overall design, dengan concept, colour, kalau ERA tu boleh metal lah kan memang lagi mantap kot.

Dah banyak kali aku suruh diaorg tukar station sebab aku rasa ko dah selesa sangat dengan apa yang kau buat dgn ERA. Its not because you are not doing well but it will be such a waste if you get too comfortable with what you have been doing, rather than to upgrade your skills with new challenges. Power mana pun there will always be a skillset yang kita boleh develop. Aku tau ko tau.

Potential memang metal teruk ah, which I know kalau kau percaya dgn diri sendiri, maybe with a bit of luck kau boleh pergi jauh dalam design industry. Hopefully all the luck will come to you as much as you deserve it. Stay as calm as you are now sebab paling senang kerja dengan kau yang nampak relax jer walaupun entah2 tengah memberontak kat dalam. You rock!

To Adib
Gen Z paling matured aku pernah jumpa dan kenal. Dia sorang je yang selalu nak one to one cerita and update pasal life and work. I appreciate his effort. The thing about being a boss is this life feels lonely sometimes tapi Adib is one of a kind yang ignore that barrier.

Bukan sebab dia tak respect, sebab dia tau dia tak buat salah pun buat apa dia nak takut. Kan? It was new to me too bila dia kata nak jumpa jap which usually nak discuss issues or problems with work. Actually he just wanted to borak2 jer.

The first time he wanted to meet, banyak kali dia ulang takut kalau dia terlepas cakap or tak sepatutnya discuss which caught me off guard and I need a minute to think if he did. Which he didn’t obviously. Kalau tak dah takde dah dia kat sini!

Adib dan lawak dia memang tak boleh dipisahkanlah. He is funny but somehow banyak point dia yang I never thought anyone was aware of especially about the team. He wants to keep improving but the thing is, he wants to do it together with everyone. In his mind, nobody gets left behind. What a champ!

Paling boleh harap untuk buat event or organize apa2 tapi sebenarnya dia susah nak cakap no, so kita ambik kesempatan lah! hahaha. Aku respect bila kau nak dengar comment untuk improve presentation haritu. Memang nampak macam main2 tapi you took it with an open heart. Tau2 dah improve jer. Aku actually banyak belajar dari kau dow. Thanks wey.

To Nik
Kau pernah cakap as your first company, your objective is to learn and improve as much as you can. Sentiasa ingat objective kau tu. Dengar advice semua orang. Dia orang risau and honestly mmg nak tolong kau.

Belajar bukan pasal design jer. Cara ko cakap dengan orang, reason nak defend design yang boleh orang terima. Learn to choose your battle to prepare for your war. Banyak lagi benda kau kena belajar. Serious banyak. Kalau list kan sini bukan ko baca pun. Bagi teka-teki jer lah kot? Tapi malas ah.

Dengar cerita Rawang dah ada cable car. Bila lagi kita?Jangan lupa ko hutang nasi lemak viral kat Rawang tu! Kalau tak claim buat diam je en ko? Pape roro je lah.

Oh thanks jugak for your WhatsApp yang panjang tu. Tak sangka jugak sebenarnya dalam diam ko sebenarnya resah kan bila aku dah takde. Nasib baik pandai control macho. Ok ok serious lah jap. Dengan kau ni tak pernah nak serious lah. Tapi tak bermaksud ko ada buat salah pun. Relax lah brader. Aku memang tak pernah ambik hati dengan bahan gurauan korang tu. Atleast hari2 terakhir aku ada gak lah hiburan. Memang rindu lah jugak nak lepak lunch kat JP ngan korang sambil bahan apa yang patut.

Sorry kalau ada tersalah kata terkasar bahasa. Whatever our future holds, and wherever it may be, I wish you all the best in everything that you’re looking for Nik. Semoga berjaya!

To Jay
Paling sporting. Tak banyak complain but sometimes it’s not good. Try to share and your seniors will help. If you don’t trust anyone it’s ok but trust this team. Keep improving!

Most of us start macam you, tapi tengok lah apa jadi kat dia orang! You have a good support system kat sini, trust me. You adapted well with the team and I like that about you. Somehow I takut jugak if you felt like an outsider when the first time you joined but you proved me wrong. Orang melayu cakap kau memang sempoi.

Thanks Jay sempat duet jadi Ariana walaupun macam baca karangan je duet tu. Sempat jugak la naik Vios baru and kagum jugak lah. I’m sure the longer you stayed in the team the crazier you will get. Good kind of crazy of course. So take your time and make yourself at home.

To Shaheen
Paling banyak jasa kat design team walaupun dia rasa macam anak tiri kepada team anak angkat*. Thank you for your time and effort and tickets dan lain2. Kadang2 kitaorang terlupa yang team kita ni pinjam je you dari your own events team.

Nasib baik you buat macam rumah sendiri jer. It’s obvious yang you can do well in any situation you’re in. I am really glad that you came to help our team and get along with every one and I know that’s not an easy feat.

Terkejut jugak the story about our Digital team meeting yang you rasa you’re not part of the team. I didn’t know such gesture meant so much to you. Of course I will introduce new people in the team. Designers doesn’t get enough recognition for their work and I hate it! I thought by introducing new designers, other department will be aware of us but never in my life I would have guessed it made a good impact to you, to us. You’ve made me realize that the things that we do sometimes won’t be as what we intended to be but it will always effect somebody, somehow. Hopefully for the good.

Macam dah deep sangat dah ni. Ok lah, I hope you’re happy with your decision although I still don’t understand why you took VSS of all the people but thank you so much and all the best with your future plans! Jasamu dikenang. You got this Leo! Believe in your super self. Benda dah template pun takyah nak risau sangat en. Oh yea, bila lagi nak…

Hai, welcome to Borak Jam!

So today I want to talk about…
*Team anak angkat is how we felt working inside the fishtank at the first floor not knowing what kind of party is happening on the second floor as we were never invited.

Before I go, I just need to apologize for the sudden move of leaving our WhatsApp group. You can’t see if anyone leaves when you’re not the admin, just so you know that I left once I sent the WIP video and I did’t get any of your messages after that (if any). I figured that it’ll be too painful!

I will always be a message away if you need my help, advice or simply just talk. We met as a colleagues and hopefully we leave each others as friends. 

Well, it’s time. I will see you when I see you!

8 responses to “Designers”

  1. Ben Avatar

    #notmyboss but officially my buddy✨

    I’ll miss your presence in the office.

    1. shuks Avatar

      i miss my place too, bud!

  2. Rosalind Avatar

    Don’t be a stranger. We can always meet up again. All the best Shuk! You rock!

    1. shuks Avatar

      i won’t be if you won’t. will come for lunch soon!

  3. Shaheen Si Paling Comel Avatar
    Shaheen Si Paling Comel

    Hey Shuk,

    I think I wasn’t able to give a special farewell speech dekat you. Asyik rabak dekat Lut je terus hilang ingatan hahaha okay sooooo here we go, 3… 2… 1…

    Hi welcome to Borak Jam, so today I nak thank you so much for letting me be part of the team. I’ve always admire your leadership. Here’s why:

    1. You will try your best to understand each and every one of us.
    2. You appreciate and recognize the hard work that any of us does.
    3. You allow us to share ideas (especially on WDMs) and you acknowledge each idea. (boss mana nak layan “idea kosong” anak muda? semua nak meeting cepat habis haha)
    4. You always encourage and support us to explore new things.
    5. You are aware of the importance of mental health (which is why you’ve encouraged us to take the DASS test during the pandemic)
    6. Your sense of humor makes everyone feel comfortable around you.

    Your mentorship has been gold, you’ve somehow managed to make leadership look fun. I guess everyone agrees on this statement. I swear, work never felt so entertaining!

    Oh and thanks for always being there as my advisor when I faced issue with official boss. Your text after my heated appraisal, that really really meant a lot to me. That shows how caring and supportive you are as a person.

    So again, thanks for being an incredible semi-boss, mentor and most importantly, an awesome friend to me. All the best in your next adventure!

    Benda dah template, tak susah pun hahaha!

    #GangLeo #GangVSS2023 #GangGongGongGeng

    1. shuks Avatar

      alaa depan2 tak nak cakapppp

  4. Mader Avatar

    I pun rasa macam i tak properly wish.
    But – i sangat proud to be part of your team.

    I’ve learn so much. Dari overthinker kepada masih overthinker tapi with good move and planner.

    I rasa, i melompat jauh dari industry ni pun sebab i tau ada orang selalu support. Orang selalu cakap – company only care if you can bring revenue. tp you – u let us bloom on our own. That part – the trust. Memang i paling appreciate.

    Thank you for everything yang u ajar tanpa sedar or sedar. You mmg benchmark utk I jadi good leader.

    About leaving design industry – mmg designer tak kan boleh lari. But thank you sebab remind! Hahahaha. #darahdesigner4ever

    Thank you again Shuk! You memang rockstar!

    1. shuks Avatar

      Thankssssss Hanim and all the best! Tak tau la reply ni ada orang baca ke tak tapi reply je lah en hahaha

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